What is

Bones & Burgers

At Bones & Burgers®, our food is prepared fresh daily and to order. Our menu variety of baby back ribs, premium burgers, platters, salad bowls and more are scratch made from the highest quality ingredients available and cooked to perfection.

Our Heritage

Tony Roma’s® is one of the world’s best loved, most iconic restaurant brands. With restaurants worldwide, Tony Roma’s® popularized American grilling and ribs around the world. From our humble beginnings in Miami, Florida in 1972, Tony Roma’s has grown to become the world’s largest casual dining restaurant chain specializing in ribs. Who could have predicted that back in 1972, when Chef David Smith threw baby back ribs on a grill at the original Tony Roma’s®, slathered them with his own special barbecue sauce, the Tony Roma’s legend would be born.

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Tony Roma’s

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Tony Roma's Corporate Team

The first Tony Roma’s Bones & Burgers® was opened in Tampa, Florida on December 19, 2022 at Tampa’s International Plaza and Bay Street mall.