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Tony Roma’s Announces New Architectural Design

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50 year anniversary

ORLANDO, FL, USA, November 17, 2022 / — Romacorp, Inc., the parent company of Tony Roma’s®, is officially launching the Tony Roma’s Legendary Grill architectural design for its stores opening in 2023. This prototype leverages greater efficiency to deliver an enhanced customer experience while reducing start-up and operational expenses for franchisees.

The Tony Roma’s Legendary Grill prototype is aligned with the Tony Roma’s heritage and rich history of distinction, while taking a more modern approach to the design. It also allows the brand to fit into smaller spaces within the 3,000 square foot range, expanding the potential for locations in airports, colleges, and other areas. The prototype is more cost effective, down approximately 30% from the cost to build the original design.

Ramon Bourgeois, Romacorp, Inc. CEO (acting) commented, “We are enthused to bring this protype to new markets as we continue to enhance the overall customer experience within our restaurants. In addition to the design innovations, we are leveraging new technologies in this prototype that will reduce training time for associates and simplify processes. This will help us operate with a smaller labor force than other casual dining brands, while exceeding customer expectations for service and food quality which is always our top priority.”

This announcement comes during Tony Roma’s 50th Anniversary Year which has been one of tremendous invigoration. Earlier this year, it was announced that Romacorp, Inc. plans to open 200 locations over the next decade, including the launch of Bones &. Burgers, its new, fast-casual brand. In addition, a new Tony Roma’s opened in North Carolina, and several other Tony Roma’s locations leveraging this new prototype are on track to open early in 2023.


About Romacorp, Inc.

Romacorp, Inc., is the parent company of Tony Roma’s restaurants, the world’s largest casual dining concept specializing in ribs, and Bones & Burgers. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Tony Roma’s is present in 20 countries and is one of the most globally recognizable names in the industry. The first Tony Roma’s restaurant opened 50 years ago in North Miami, Florida. For more information visit or follow the company at,,